This class I am taking is full of exploration, and lots of growing in the not so comfortable zone.  But as I was told once “there is no growing in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growing zone”  so I must be growing.

The challenge was to design plates and dishes inspired by the Staffordshire pottery, it is pottery that has been produced in England for a very long time.  I was inspired by the floral motives I saw and decided to make up some flowers with watercolors.



Then I had to design dishes with it, so here was my take.


I want that bowl!  it will make me happy to eat out of there.





3 thoughts on “dishes

  1. get out of here! These are amazing! I want sheets with the whole motif for my bed! Seriously, the play from warm to cool is amazing, and the flowers are so fresh and fun! And the dishes, please! You should take this to Color Me Mine or a similar pottery shop 🙂 And maybe spoonflower for fabric!


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