You are invited!

This August I will be exhibiting my art at Flying Apron Bakery in Redmond.  Stop by and grab a treat, their green juices are yummy, and their green monster pizza is simply delicious.

I put an emphasis on flowers for this show and this is my latest painting


I am fascinated by Crocosmias and admire their hardiness and beauty.
I was itching to paint in my favorite medium, so I got my watercolors out.  The actual flowers I painted in gouache (opaque watercolor) to give it a punch, and when it wasn’t enough I shaded it with pencil.

I love the movement that this painting has and the good memories it keeps.  My daughter sprawled on the sidewalk with me drawing one afternoon, too bad I don’t have a picture of that.



be you tiful

In my quest for flowers and nature, I found a magnolia seed pod that was just beautiful to me.  I drew it and liked it even more.  So, I painted it with ink on top of an acrylic landscape.  It changed, changed a little more and completely changed by the end.  Given that, most people wouldn’t know what it is the saying was very fitting.


The process was exciting at times, and terrifying at others, who knew a 6×6 canvas could be so scary!  The cool thing is that with acrylics and oils, you can always gesso over and start fresh… there were a couple times I thought about it.



wild flower

As we hiked steep slopes to the top of the mountain, my tired legs force me to pause.  My eyes delighted in flowers I have seen before, this time they captivated me.  So simple, yet majestic; so delicate, yet hardy to withstand the elements; so much beauty together in a little speck.


I painted the flower from dark to light, background to foreground in gouache.  Totally backward of what I usually do.  It was fun.

Have you heard of synchronicity?  (the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection, the internet says)
I actually believe they are blessings.  It so happens that I am getting ready for a show in August at the Flying Apron Bakery in Redmond.  I have chosen flowers as my focus which probably leads me to pay more attention and then I got the inspiration from these wildflowers.  The other cool thing as I continue my online class is that I am to build a collection of things I love….flowers anyone?  It all lines up, so beautifully orchestrated, I am thankful the One above is in charge.



I was doing some field research about fabrics at a new store near me. Found lots of information, inspiration, and a new project.  It was tricky to pick out colors and patterns and then figure out how much I needed of each, but it all magically worked out.

What do placemats have to do with art?  Not much, but as an artist all my hobbies feed my creativity.  With this project, I was inspired by new colors, layouts and having something I could use every day.
Now we have some fun placemats.  New goal: make some with my own fabrics designs.


Working with my hands is so rewarding, learning a new process keeps my brain young, figuring measurements and stitching, so the right parts show, really keeps you sharp.  I am no sewing expert but loved figuring things out for this project.