Art display

Come visit Flying Apron in Redmond.  I am pleased with how it came together and how the small details kept working out perfectly.  I am sure grateful to my family for their help, to Laura for having the vision, and to Flying Apron for being such a gracious host.

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I will give you the scoop on more of the paintings later.

It was fun to figure out how to fill up that big wall, 20+ paintings later, the result was 1 colorful gallery wall.

I made a template of where the nails needed to go for each piece, they all had different hanging ways.  We didn’t have to play the guess-where-the-nail-goes game.  It actually worked!

We will have an open house when I know the details I will let you know.
All in all, good experience.


4 thoughts on “Art display

  1. Beautiful! This makes me miss your home so much- your display has such a cozy, inviting feel that would help visitors envision your pieces on their own walls! Great job!


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