dreams and open house

Please join me at the Flying Apron Bakery Redmond, tomorrow Thursday September 22.  I will be there from 6-8 pm and would love to have a chance to celebrate with you.

This was one of my first pieces where I merged the background and writing.  I was petrified to mess it up and was not super confident on my lettering.  I practiced so many times, built some muscle memory in the way.


Looking at it I can point many flaws.  But I also know that was the very best I could do then, and I am pleased I did.  It takes those first steps to get us going.

My dreams have changed and they are still evolving, but the journey here has been delightful.  Off to keep dreaming.



One thought on “dreams and open house

  1. Dear niece, I feel very happy for you, not only to see your art, if not for peace and tranquility and happiness that radiate in the words you type, both on this page and in the weekly reports you send.
    I love you so much.
    Your aunt Sandra


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