being realistic

Last year I quickly wrote a quote on this board, thinking I would change the quote at least monthly.  One year later we needed something different to look at and something new to think about.


We chose this quote.  It is repetitive and writing it all out made it look wordy.   So, here is my attempt to keep the great message while making it a quicker read.


And a few process pictures of course!


Thanks, Hemingway! and Happy New Year to you all!


Feliz Navidad!

wreath-2016A collaborative work.  Two of my kids N & E  helped me with this one.  They colored, made shapes and critiqued the layout.  We created and painted it in Photoshop.

I did the writing with an oblique pen with good old ink and scanned it, nothing beats the feel of pen and ink.


Merry Christmas!


tio Paco is emotional

Tio Paco made his grand appearance a few weeks ago.  He has been working hard getting into character and has been practicing his facial expressions.  I think he is the right guy for the part.tio-paco-emotions-color

Drew it on paper with pencil and colored it digitally, after many attempts of painting the face in different mediums.  At one point they became coloring pages and my kids sat next to me painting faces too.





more love

It is supposed to snow here tomorrow, my family is beyond excited, so here is something to celebrate

First thing that came to my mind as I thought about this post

everybody, everybody wants to love
everybody, everybody wants to be loved
oh, oh, oh, just let the love, love, love begin
-Ingrid Michaelson Everybody

Remember the teacups from a while back, well, I drew a bunch and this one was calling to be painted. I borrowed the color palette from a piece of art I liked online and felt daring with the choices.  Taking risks pays off.


This week I discovered that masking fluid also works with gouache, I was afraid it would chip, but it came off just fine.