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it doesn’t make sense


Another article published by my friend Cristina Borja, you can read it here and this was the illustration to go with it.  It is also on Instagram here. Great way to practice your Spanish!

Since I got a new toy, a Wacom Intuos pro paper tablet, I had to test it.  So it was all done digitally (well, except the initial sketches, can’t get away from my pencil and paper) using Photoshop.  So now, DON’T WASTE FOOD!


I have been having so much fun figuring out the owl caterpillar relationship.  A friend just asked me, is the owl going to eat it?  I guess you have to wait and see.


Little owl was caught by surprise, he is saying “but!” without having the chance to say anymore.  Caterpillar has a friend, who is coming to his rescue.  Is she going to make it?






Caterpillar may have sensed the big heart that Little owl has.  Or he really is not paying attention where he is going.  Did he take a bold leap or a plain wrong step?


On being brave.  I’ve heard courage doesn’t mean you are without fear.  Bravery takes a lot of faith.  These words:  BE NOT AFRAID, ONLY BELIEVE have resonated loudly lately.  ONLY BELIEVE… and with that thought, I will continue my art journey and hope that someone else may be uplifted too.



Little owl wants a friend, but could his snack become his buddy?

A few owl sketches turn into some painting experiments and then they also want to turn into a story.

I got curious as to why owls are a symbol of wisdom.  In Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom, Athena used the owl as her symbol.  Plus their big eyes, their ability to turn their head around, and their nocturnal abilities surpass the human capabilities.

Little owl is just learning about how cool he is.


Believe there is good

I heard a friend very enthusiastically talk about the Women’s March happening tomorrow. To me, it was exciting to listen and learn about people being so passionate about women’s rights and equality.  I am thankful for them because is passion like that, that moves mountains, and I hope that my art also brings good to this world.

I was flattered to receive a request for a commission on a bigger version of this design, as this piece framed is 6 x 6 inches.


The new one was to fit into a 16 x 20 opening.  That was a big circle to work with, I was glad I had documented the process before, so it made it easier to repeat it.




Here is the medium (16×20 matted) version, which is available.




I came across the thought

a greatful heart is a magnet for miracles

It made me remember something I did for a friend when she was leading a group of women. She wanted a visual reminder to put in her communications with them.

The illustration was nothing fancy, but just being asked made my day.  I am grateful for little moments like this that had helped me push forward and want to become better.  Better in art, in lettering, as a person.


Today I am also tickled that my friend’s, Cristina Borja, article is published.  I am looking forward to continue working with her.

What are you thankful for today?


la familia

A friend, Cristina Borja, is volunteering her efforts at Diakonia, a food bank in Ecuador. She wrote an engaging article about the traditions around eating that we are losing.  The article, made me remember how important meals where, growing up, even when sometimes it meant an hour trip from and to work for my parents.  I guess we make time for what is important to us, don’t we?


Her words issued a call to be intentional with our eating, to me also to be intentional with our actions.  I made several sketches to work out the composition.  My imaginary family turned into my sister’s cute family.  They are about to eat a Locro de papa (potato chowder), the pink bowl has tostado (corn nuts), the blue bowl aji (something like a fresh tabasco salsa that people put on everything to add spice).  Lots of memories there.

My composite drawing got lost after I painted it.  I tried, and tried to make it work, there are things I like about this watercolor, but at the end, it lost the spark. Which meant that I had to redo the painting.


To quote my friend “A comer! La mesa esta servida”
(come eat, food is ready!)

HAPPY 2017!

being realistic

Last year I quickly wrote a quote on this board, thinking I would change the quote at least monthly.  One year later we needed something different to look at and something new to think about.


We chose this quote.  It is repetitive and writing it all out made it look wordy.   So, here is my attempt to keep the great message while making it a quicker read.


And a few process pictures of course!


Thanks, Hemingway! and Happy New Year to you all!