it doesn’t make sense


Another article published by my friend Cristina Borja, you can read it here and this was the illustration to go with it.  It is also on Instagram here. Great way to practice your Spanish!

Since I got a new toy, a Wacom Intuos pro paper tablet, I had to test it.  So it was all done digitally (well, except the initial sketches, can’t get away from my pencil and paper) using Photoshop.  So now, DON’T WASTE FOOD!


la familia

A friend, Cristina Borja, is volunteering her efforts at Diakonia, a food bank in Ecuador. She wrote an engaging article about the traditions around eating that we are losing.  The article, made me remember how important meals where, growing up, even when sometimes it meant an hour trip from and to work for my parents.  I guess we make time for what is important to us, don’t we?


Her words issued a call to be intentional with our eating, to me also to be intentional with our actions.  I made several sketches to work out the composition.  My imaginary family turned into my sister’s cute family.  They are about to eat a Locro de papa (potato chowder), the pink bowl has tostado (corn nuts), the blue bowl aji (something like a fresh tabasco salsa that people put on everything to add spice).  Lots of memories there.

My composite drawing got lost after I painted it.  I tried, and tried to make it work, there are things I like about this watercolor, but at the end, it lost the spark. Which meant that I had to redo the painting.


To quote my friend “A comer! La mesa esta servida”
(come eat, food is ready!)

HAPPY 2017!

tio Paco is emotional

Tio Paco made his grand appearance a few weeks ago.  He has been working hard getting into character and has been practicing his facial expressions.  I think he is the right guy for the part.tio-paco-emotions-color

Drew it on paper with pencil and colored it digitally, after many attempts of painting the face in different mediums.  At one point they became coloring pages and my kids sat next to me painting faces too.






I was to create a full environment to be printed on a bag.  Something ‘luscious.’




To try something different,  I layered 2 of my paintings in Photoshop.  Printed it and set off to pain with acrylics.


I am always finding faces, animals and objects in about any surface (floor, towels, tiles are the best) so this was a scavenger hunt.  I painted, layered more paint, added details with markers, layer and wiped a bunch.  Added some outlines and this hummingbird emerged.


To finish, I mirror copied a few details.colibri

Luscious alright, is rich in color, detail and overwhelmingly full.  I say Luscious accomplished!

This was the last part of MATS A class, the gift market, this is the presentation I submitted:



joy in the journey

A reminder to count our blessings.


I put together this piece by merging a loose background and the writing on the piece below in Photoshop.



The background was done in watercolor, the writing with gouache in a pointed pen Uncial variation.


It really was a happy accident, while learning about layers in Photoshop.

The White Cat

I finished the Children’s Book Illustration chapter of my class.  The White Cat is an old folk tale story of an enchanted princess and a prince trying to be a king.

I drew lots of different cats as a preview, I was doing some very stylized ones and developed a few kitty characters that I will have to put into another story.  Once I read this folktale, I felt the cat needed to be majestic and princessy. So, it was off to the drawing board for more developing.


I wanted to capture the prince’s sorrow and disappointment as he shared his troubles with the cat.  For the cat, I wanted to show her confidence and wisdom.  One of my favorite parts was painting the same scene in many different mediums, love the experimentation and finding the best way to represent an older story.


My most favorite was this because my daughter sat next to me creating her own version after she read the story.


first patterns

I told you I was taking a class, it is called Make Art that Sells (MATS).  The first session was about making patterns for bolt fabric. It was delightful and lots of work.  Well, I couldn’t just make one… these are two different pattern/color combinations and coordinates.

The exercise was to encourage practice, building pieces for a portfolio, and to explore if that is something I may like doing.  I fully enjoyed drawing icons and coming up with different color combinations and most of all learning how to make patterns.

This assignment was based on vintage kitchen containers.  For the ones who like fabric, could you see yourself making/sewing something with these?




The challenge for this piece was to create it all digitally.  I discovered 2 things; one I knew, for me the feel of the pencil and paper cannot be replaced, the other is that I respect and appreciate type designers even more, but I don’t want to join their ranks.

I like the play on words of this quote and made it easy to know where to put the emphasis.


Once again a learning experience, I experimented with lots of colors and some texture, got lost in between the layers and was ready to have a fistfight with Illustrator.  At the end, it was user error, because I didn’t organize and separate all the elements that were as adding in. Now if I could just remember that next time, it would make it worth the try.