I was to create a full environment to be printed on a bag.  Something ‘luscious.’




To try something different,  I layered 2 of my paintings in Photoshop.  Printed it and set off to pain with acrylics.


I am always finding faces, animals and objects in about any surface (floor, towels, tiles are the best) so this was a scavenger hunt.  I painted, layered more paint, added details with markers, layer and wiped a bunch.  Added some outlines and this hummingbird emerged.


To finish, I mirror copied a few details.colibri

Luscious alright, is rich in color, detail and overwhelmingly full.  I say Luscious accomplished!

This was the last part of MATS A class, the gift market, this is the presentation I submitted:






Years ago I saw a portrait of a lady whose hair was built up by flowers, it looked amazing.

It was the right time to try something like that.  I wanted a dark background and a flat color one looked too boring, so I had to add interest by blending, dripping, and wiping;  the background is much more exciting when you see it in person.



I sketched the shape of the tree and branches first and then fill it in one mark at the time, very therapeutic.  Added contrast at the end with white ink in some areas.  I like to see it from far away too, it looks like a foggy tree.  I sure enjoyed putting this one together.

**Good news the show at Flying Apron in Redmond will be up through September.  Open House will happen in September as well.


This class I am taking is full of exploration, and lots of growing in the not so comfortable zone.  But as I was told once “there is no growing in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growing zone”  so I must be growing.

The challenge was to design plates and dishes inspired by the Staffordshire pottery, it is pottery that has been produced in England for a very long time.  I was inspired by the floral motives I saw and decided to make up some flowers with watercolors.



Then I had to design dishes with it, so here was my take.


I want that bowl!  it will make me happy to eat out of there.




first patterns

I told you I was taking a class, it is called Make Art that Sells (MATS).  The first session was about making patterns for bolt fabric. It was delightful and lots of work.  Well, I couldn’t just make one… these are two different pattern/color combinations and coordinates.

The exercise was to encourage practice, building pieces for a portfolio, and to explore if that is something I may like doing.  I fully enjoyed drawing icons and coming up with different color combinations and most of all learning how to make patterns.

This assignment was based on vintage kitchen containers.  For the ones who like fabric, could you see yourself making/sewing something with these?