I was to create a full environment to be printed on a bag.  Something ‘luscious.’




To try something different,  I layered 2 of my paintings in Photoshop.  Printed it and set off to pain with acrylics.


I am always finding faces, animals and objects in about any surface (floor, towels, tiles are the best) so this was a scavenger hunt.  I painted, layered more paint, added details with markers, layer and wiped a bunch.  Added some outlines and this hummingbird emerged.


To finish, I mirror copied a few details.colibri

Luscious alright, is rich in color, detail and overwhelmingly full.  I say Luscious accomplished!

This was the last part of MATS A class, the gift market, this is the presentation I submitted:




Art display

Come visit Flying Apron in Redmond.  I am pleased with how it came together and how the small details kept working out perfectly.  I am sure grateful to my family for their help, to Laura for having the vision, and to Flying Apron for being such a gracious host.

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I will give you the scoop on more of the paintings later.

It was fun to figure out how to fill up that big wall, 20+ paintings later, the result was 1 colorful gallery wall.

I made a template of where the nails needed to go for each piece, they all had different hanging ways.  We didn’t have to play the guess-where-the-nail-goes game.  It actually worked!

We will have an open house when I know the details I will let you know.
All in all, good experience.


I was doing some field research about fabrics at a new store near me. Found lots of information, inspiration, and a new project.  It was tricky to pick out colors and patterns and then figure out how much I needed of each, but it all magically worked out.

What do placemats have to do with art?  Not much, but as an artist all my hobbies feed my creativity.  With this project, I was inspired by new colors, layouts and having something I could use every day.
Now we have some fun placemats.  New goal: make some with my own fabrics designs.


Working with my hands is so rewarding, learning a new process keeps my brain young, figuring measurements and stitching, so the right parts show, really keeps you sharp.  I am no sewing expert but loved figuring things out for this project.